The Domain Game

Breakthroughs in the Domain Industry

Having the right domain name can be crucial for online aspects of your business. It can help you to be better organized, avoid confusion, and reach your full SEO potential. In 2014, there were over 270 million domain names active on the World Wide Web. This is a truly astounding statistic, but that number is likely to grow even larger in years to come.

The whole domain-name tree is now strictly regulated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, with which all new domains must be registered. Re-sale of old domains is also a booming industry, known as the domain aftermarket. In the web hosting industry, domain space is a major concern. domains1Some servers use more than one IP address for each domain, while other times, more than one domain is connected to a single IP address. These sorts of set-ups allow for the easy, efficient management of high-volume websites.

One major development in the domain industry that surged during 2014 and continues to surge in early 2015 is known as crypto-currency. This innovation uses Bitcoins that are unconnected with any central banking system to procure actual monetary payments. This breakthrough impinges upon the domain industry in that Bitcoin domain addresses are an essential part of the system. Though the idea dates as far back as 1982, it is only more recently that this idea has been put into large-scale practice.

Another breakthrough in process in 2015 is the advent of a whole new generation of domain names known as gTLD cyber brands. These domains tend to be more hyper-specific than a lot of the previous fare. It is a bold new move by marketers to attempt to edge their way up in the public consciousness and gain unbeatable brand exposure. It is still questionable at this stage whether things will work out for gTLC in the long run, but for the present, the prospects look good. gTLD even has incorporated a naming machine that assists in figuring out the most optimal domain names to choose. Some examples of the new domains are:,, and The big question becomes whether the average Internet user will remember domain names of such specificity better because they are exactly what they are searching for, or whether they will have a hard time with the recall since they differ from old familiar domains like .com, .net. and .gov. Dynadot, a leading provider of domain name services, is also helping expand the concept of using domain name endings that reflect who you are, and what we you are promoting. With this easy website builder, you can easily create a website, blog or portfolio.


These are just a couple of the most visible developments apace on the modern domain scene in 2015. There are many others, and as 2015 unfolds, we can expect things to boom and evolve in unexpected ways. Without a domain name, no website can function because no one can find it and access it. Domains are the keys that unlock the web-world doors. Finding the perfect key that will make it easy for a flood of visitants to hit your website always is an active business. This year, we already are seeing a surge in domain-industry innovations, and the future looks bright for the business.

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