The Green Path Company

“Naturally inspired to change”
The inspiration to begin The Green Path Company comes from a desire to help motivate people to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds all of us along with a growing desire to give back and to make a difference in our community.  We also want to help people understand the impact we have on our environment through our everyday lives and inspire changes that will positively impact our natural surroundings.

Our Mission statement:
Use our “Organic  Green” philosophy and our T-shirt messages to provide inspiration for people to live active, healthy lifestyles through interaction with nature.  We also want to motivate people to make positive changes in their thinking regarding how we live our lives and how it affects the environment.

We want to help motivate people to respect and enjoy our natural surroundings and show them easy ways in which we can all live more earth friendly lives by doing something “Green” everyday. Check out the “Green” tips page for simple ideas we can all incorporate into our everyday routines!

The Green Path consists of 3 divisions all tied to our mission statement and the idea of building a “Greener” path to the future:

1. Apparel  – Our inspirational T-shirts are made from 100% Organic cotton, printed with earth friendly dyes and are available for both men and women.

2. Clean Trails  – We lead a volunteer group that donates time and effort to help clean up and restore local desert hiking, biking and running trails in and around the Phoenix area.

3. Nature Trail Runners – We work with local resorts and the City of Glendale, Arizona to offer a service that guides valley visitors on 3 – 5 mile runs on local nature trails.

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